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Can tests tell retroactively if you had covid? ?

8 days ago I had contact with a family member who tested positive for covid. I learned about her test on Monday but I was asymptomatic, and I have a gastrointestinal issue that prevented me from getting tested. I self-quarantined, and a week later I'm wondering if I had it and got really lucky w the symptoms.

Are there antibody tests that can determined if I had it? 


Guys, there's the problem about me being unable to get one. I have a GI problem that causes me to throw up every morning, and I also have severe OCD. In other words I'm not going to the University of Iowa Hospitals unless and ambilance takes me. Yet I feel better than ever, as is my sister who is the family's Patient Zero. 

Update 2:

Ambulance. Also the sister is the only one who has experienced loss of taste and smell. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    A regular antigen test may still be positive if you had covid, may.  It’s probably not worth paying for an antibody test, unless the results will be helpful to you.  They can’t say when you were exposed, only if you have or do not have antibodies.

  • 1 month ago

    If it has only been 8 days, you can get a covid test.

    Your infection wouldn't have started for at least a couple of days.  And you are infected for at least 8 days and most people 20-21 days. And a handful of people - 90 days.

    if you want to wait a couple of weeks, you can get an antibody test.  You probably won't have antibody tests. 

  • 1 month ago

    There are antibody tests. You can get one at Krogers for $25- or at whatever grocery store/drugstore combo you have in your area. They're not always accurate, however, 

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