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? asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

Is this law of attraction or coincidence ?

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on LOA and stuff like that and how to get what I want in life. I’ve been very lonely since I moved here not knowing anyone in the area and the fact that I’m single. I began writing down what I wanted in life and on the top of my list was a job that I felt happy working and making new friends. Ever since I started a new job I’ve been happy and feel like I’m apart of something. Before this one, I was never really happy showing up to work. (Yes I have a job & not a career I’m a young college student). So this may sound weird. I have a complicated 1st name and it’s starts with the letters SUN. I never go by my first name unless speaking to family or my professor. Most people call me by my middle name. This guy I started to accumulate some feelings for has a nickname, people call him sunny. His first name is very generic and has nothing to do with his nickname. Everyone at my job calls me by my middle name which is a lot simpler then my first name. He calls me sunny which is his nickname.. idk what that means. I like him a lot and I have a feeling he likes me too. I think it’s cute he calls me by what everyone calls him. Maybe it’s because he’s the manager and my first name is too long so he just calls me sunny for short? My other managers call me by my middle name. Also, I met a guy last night and he goes by the name web which is my last name! Am I attracting this stuff in my life? 

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