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How does guitarist learn to play any songs including guitar solos?

I mean does guitarists learn to play any songs or solos from sheet music, watching YouTube videos or something??? Because there are many songs or guitar solos which is difficult to learn by ear. I always wonder how do they learn to play any songs or difficult guitar solos.


I mean any guitarist whether they have taken guitar class or learned to play guitar from internet or something. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    There are many methods, and many guitarists use more than one method.

    I learned how to play by ear, because I can't read sheet music (not even tabs) and there was no such thing as the internet when I started playing guitar.  I took a dozen or so lessons from a local instructor, just to get the basics of how the guitar works, then I dropped out of guitar school because I wasn't interested in the theory.

    Fast forward a few decades, and YouTube has taught me more than any dozen books ever could.  I've been playing for over 30 years, and I'm still learning stuff.  My favourite method of learning is still trial and error, though.

    My buddy and lead guitarist went the academic route.  He studied sheet music and theory, he learned thousands of major and minor scales, and he stayed in class longer than I ever could.  His technical skill is ten times better than mine, though he's no match for me when it comes to passion and improvisation.  He can shred like Satriani or Malmsteen, but he has to meticulously study everything (even his original stuff) before he can play it in real life.  I can't even come close to his technical abilities, but I can pull a solo out of thin air that sounds pretty good even to experienced guitarists.  Just don't ask me to play it the same way twice.

  • 1 month ago

    One thing I know is that they are attractive. I agree with many answers on here esp. “?” and others’ answers “play by ear” “other methods” “sheets”.

    Well, one thing, I’d like to say but am too afraid and shy to admit that guitarists are attractive to me. I’d love to have one for a boyfriend, and I wouldn’t mind, if he wore makeup (eyeliner, mascara) and wore heel-like boots for his concerts because I don’t mind style but personality and characteristics play a major part, lol.

  • mars
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Guitar solos often quote the melody. When you know the song's key, you can work out the chord changes.

  • John
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I learned to start by the basic chords - A,B,C,D,E,F,G and a few other commonly used like B7. That takes a week or less just to figure them out.

    Basic scales on a guitar can be written by fret numbers - 1-4, 1-3, 1-3, 1-3, 1-4, 1-4 across the fretboard.

    I don't play anymore so excuse me if the sequence is wrong. Learn a couple of those and you'll have ABCDEFG as single notes.

    And what you do with those chords and scales is why it's called art.

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  • 1 month ago

    At 45 min, Mississippi John Hurt explains how he learned to play guitar.

    In this clip, Elizabeth Cotton explains how she learned to play

  • Tony B
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    That would only apply to a guitarist who wants to learn, note for note, someone else's songs. Many don't.

    They would learn the parts by ear, by looking up the chords or tablature on the Internet, by watching “how to play” videos or by having someone else show them how to play those parts.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Lots of guitarists, probably most, learn guitar without ever taking any formal music lessons, so they never have learned to read sheet music. These guitarists learn by ear. There's also a thing called "guitar tabs," which is a substitute for sheet music that's really easy to read and shows for a song exactly where to place one's fingers on the guitar to form the chords throughout the song, so guitarists who can't read sheet music and can't work a song out by ear will generally look up the guitar tabs for that song to see exactly what's being played, again, not in musical notes but in tablature that shows exactly where their fingers are supposed to be placed on the fretboard.

  • 1 month ago

    One way is have a look at the details of the piece on "Lick Library".

    They go through songs note by note, showing the exact fretting and picking needed to duplicate the original.

    Some people can see enough from live performance videos & some seem to be able to just hear a piece and then play it perfectly - but not me!

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