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'09 Honda: Is this "privacy glass" from manufacturer or window tinting?

I'm car shopping online and keep seeing photos of car windows that looks like they've been tinted (by the owner).  But then I see photos of the same car from the inside and you can see clearly out the windows. 

Is this tinted glass that was made that way when the car was assembled, or is if after-market tinting done by the new owner?  I keep seeing it primarily in the Volkswagen CC, but I'm considering getting this Honda Civic.

I don't like window tinting because it obscures vision when inside the car, and I'd hate that when driving.  Unless it's specially made so you have clear sight looking out. I just can't tell sometimes when it's been done by the owner using adhesive tinted film.


See second pic in answer section

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1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There are NO "privacy glass" on Hondas.

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