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when you get older, can't you use your computer as much ?

my friend gerald, just said as you get older, your eyes won't be able to stand using a computer monitor for long?

he knows that i have been getting eye aches a lot for the last year using my computer monitor a 22 inch LCD screen......i'm in my 40s now and gerald is in his late 60s....i explained in previous questions that i went to the eye hospital mid last year and they discharged me....then i went to the opticians recently and the optician said my eyes were healthy...i bought a new pair of anti reflective reading glasses for the computer....but they don't seem to be making much difference to my eyes hurting whilst using the computer monitor?

gerald said, its the same with him , he cant watch his modern flatscreen tv for too long because he gets eye strain and he told me thats how its going to be as i get older, i won't be able to spend too long at my computer....because your eyes ''change''.

and i couldn't help but feel down and depressed about that.....does this mean, as a male in my 40s, the days are gone for me of being able spend a long time on my computer in front of my lcd monitor?


thankyou all answers.

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  • 1 month ago
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    There are some changes that may make it harder to use your computer as you age:

    Presbyopia means that even in your forties, you are not able to focus at near as well as you used to. Fortunately, there are glasses that will accomplish this for you. If you see great at distance and are having trouble at your computer, a pair of low powered over the counter readers will help. If you wear glasses, you may need bifocals. However, normal bifocals may not be the best for you to look at your computer with. In bifocals designed for normal use, the power that you can see your computer the best will be below your line of sight. You may need to do something special to see your computer without tilting your head back. The cheapest way to deal with this situation is PC Peekers. these are basically readers that are designed to fit inside your glasses. You could also have a custom clip made to go on your glasses. My office uses Chemestrie Clips. Single vision glasses could be made in the right power to see your computer clearly. There are also no line bifocal designs specific to computer use. Talk to your optometrist about these options at your next exam.

    You may also suffer from dry eye. Computer use decreases your blink rate so dryness is more of an issue when on a computer. Start with artificial tears when your eyes are uncomfortable.

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Load of bxxxxx I'm 73 and you know I'm on here every day .

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Baloney and utter nonsense.

    I'm 67 and am on a computer all day at work.

  • Gorgia
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    I think it is more harder to learn stuff and forget things

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