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Why is there  a, u.n.?

When they never help humanity, like the recent attacks in Ethiopia,  or the school age girls kidnapped in Nigeria. They fail humanity,  for beaurcratic programs. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If you want to rule the world with your own government then you need to have offices in every country with the full complement of spies and diplomats. The UN was a good way to do that.

    It is not centrally funded yet so they are working on schemes to get it centrally funded. A global tax is required. A "carbon" tax would fit the bill.

    They already have a World Bank. The International Monetary Fund is in place and of course the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) is still in existence in Switzerland.

    Have you ever wondered why Switzerland manages to remain neutral during the world wars? The BIS would be at risk and the bankers who created the wars could lose out otherwise.

  • 2 months ago

    --  The UN was created in 1945 during WW-2 and is the successor of the "League of Nations:" which the US refused to join and help finance.

    --  The UN does many things behind the scenes that people rarely know about, but affect the lives of many people.

    --  The UN run "Peacekeeping Forces" settling wars and conflicts and monitoring peaceful settlements.

    --  The UN also run peace conferences that settle wars and conflicts and formulates peace agreements.

    --  The UN runs the "International Court of Justice" and the "World Court" which rules on border disputes, trade disputes, trademark disputes and many other international  legal matters. The "War Crimes Tribunal" handle crimes against humanity and other war crimes, prosecuting some world leaders. Unfortunately they are selective in who they prosecute partially because of the veto capacity of the five permanent members of the Security Council.--  Yes, the UN runs UNHCR camps for refugees and resettles them in other countries along with feed them through WFO and treat their medical care through WHO and UNICEF.--  The UN through UNESCO also looks after international heritage sites by listing them, and occasionally,  helping repair and restore them.--  The WHO finances and assists in research into diseases and the curing of them along with mass vaccinations around the world. Many diseases have been eradicated by the WHO.--  UNICEF has helped many children around the world, in refugee camps, fighting against child labour and child slavery and the sex trade.--  There are many other UN agencies that work on many fields -- Law of the Sea, maritime shipping lanes, air routes, radio frequency allocation, Border disputes on land and sea, trade agreements, womens rights and conditions, fighting the drug trade, fighting the sex slavery trade and slavery trade, and many other matters.

  • 2 months ago

    The UN is working toward global governance.  They are involved in a huge global monetary IMF that causes countries that go broke to live exactly how  they say.  When they are awarded enforcement powers, we are in a heap of hurt.

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    2 months ago

    The League of Nations, now the United Nations, was formed to help the European Jews re settle in a place they could call home. It was supposed to be a peaceful resettlement, but the Arab nations weren't on board when the temporary relocation to present day Israel became permanent. They failed again during the Korean war when the hostilities never officially ended. To keep the next part short, I'll just say watch Hotel Rwanda, another dismal failure. Since Mogadishu, America has refused to allow our own troops to be the muscle for the United Nations because of their lack of, or inability to give support. My dark side wishes that Sept 11th included a hit on the U.N. building.

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