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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 1 month ago

Cat licking ringworm?

My cat is licking his ringworm, will that make him sick or make it spread or make him get ringworm internally?


He’s 9 weeks old. I got him 2 weeks ago from a place where he was abused. They burned him, starved him and he was kept around in his poop. He had scabs everywhere from scratching so badly from fleas. I figured the missing patches of fur were from him scratching so badly especially since they were scabbed up. The vets around didnt have any apps. until close to April. I didnt realise it was ringworm until after I had gotten ringworm myself. Dr said I could use my prescribed cream on him too.

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    1 month ago

    A ring worm is not a worm to start with it's a fungus you need to get an antifungal medication from the vet to work on the fungus from inside the cat. and you need to get his bedding or wherever he's catching the fungus from and sterilize it in hot water with bleach and then dry it very thoroughly. Gentian violet which is sold in the animal supply store feed store. Will kill a ringworm it's a purple guy kind of stuff. but you're going to have to get one of those plastic no lick collars and put it around your cat's neck so your cat can't lick it and your cat's not going to like that but sometimes that's the only way to stop the disease

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