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What are my options for college?

To keep it short and simple, my high school grades are all right, mid 80s and my SAT grades were at 1050. Not the greatest but not the worst. I am enrolled in a community college now And my first semester was tragic, 1.87 GPA. I told myself I will never have a GPA that low again and soon enough Covid came around. My last two semesters were 3.73 and a 3.69. The semester I’m taking now I’m looking to have around the same. I have to take two more classes in the fall Which I’m hoping to keep at a B+ Or higher. Essentially what I’m asking is with my improvement, what do you guys think are my options. Are schools going to see that I’ve changed tremendously or will my GPA still not be high enough. Just getting some opinions is going to be helpful as I have less than a year to decide on what I’m doing. Also, my degree that  I’ve almost completed Is business administration but I’ve been leaning more towards the school thats geared in computer science. 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    your GPA will be high enough, especially at state colleges.  be sure to write about your improvement of the past three semesters

  • 1 month ago

    I am confused. What degreexare you working on. It sounds like a B.B.A noticed associates degree. When you earn a B.B.A. dontvypu have to declare a major at some point. Why don't you declare IT as your B.B.A major. Get a good paid internship and If you do well you might be hired with a substantial rause, or  If you want go to graduate business school youe employer might provide?substantial tuition support. 

    You are in good shape GPA wise. Graduate schools do notice significant improvement especially if you DO well on the GRE or business GMAT . 

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