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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

What happens if you completely stop talking?

I have my reasons for not talking. I would share these reasons but they are personal. I rather not share them online. But I would like to know from your opinions is it actually possible to lose something if you don't use it? A while ago I stopped talking for three days, but when I spoke again after that,I had a quiet, voice. Then after talking for a few minutes it became raspy but the volume started coming back. Within in an hour my voice was back. Yet here I am again, and I stopped talking. It's four days today but I am a singer. So I usually am overusing my voice for singing, training, and talking. So I am not really sure how to explain my reasoning for not speaking in short terms but if you have ever been through an experience like this before where you stopped talking or are a speech therapist or really anyone who has experience or education on this, what are the side effects (short term and long term) whether they are physical, emotional, and/or mental. And if you have ever done this what are some things you've noticed while being silent? Thanks for answering in advance! I will most likely give the best answer to whoever helps answer my question the best :)

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    Ability to speak is not lost due to disuse. However, other functions can be lost such as walking and would have to be relearned. 

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