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Do you think he meant what he said when he told me he appreciated me?

my former coworker randomly asked for my snap and hit me up a week later around 8ish/9 asking me if I could get him alcohol, and I told him I could, but if he could come to me bc I was at my uncles and didn’t really have a car and was also too lazy to drive. At first I was like your brother can’t help you or your friends and he told me him and his brother didn’t have that type of relationship and that he only had like 1 friend or something I don't know I’m sure he knew people who could’ve gotten him alcohol. Anyway so he ended up saying we could chill and he can drive so he went and got me at my uncles, we went to store and basically just drove around, talking, listening to music, we went to the park and sat there for awhile, it was a little awkward bc I could feel myself getting shy and nervous around him, and he also kind of quiet too, not like how he was at work. Anyway, so we only hung out for like 2,3 hours and when I gave him his change back for his gas he told me to just keep it and that he appreciated me.. like okay. And when he got home, he snapped me and said tonight was fun/funny and I was like fun, funny? we literally drove around lol. He did tell me he loved to drive so lol. and then said next time I should set it up at my house with cozy blankets and popcorn and a movie while getting drunk like uhh... so yeah do you think he meant what he said? Or just being polite

2 Answers

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Nothing in this sounds "polite" and anyone who needs to you provide booze for them isn't a fully fledged adult human being. Surely you can do better than this loser/user. 

  • 2 months ago

    I think he thinks is it REALLY COOL that he's found a gal who'll purchase him liquor since he's too young to get it for himself. 

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