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Can a person moving into a house be asked to sign a legal agreement (see below).?

I share a house with a sibling owner, we have separate apartments. He wants to bring in a woman from his ex family (who I can't stand and he knows it), to live with him temporarily until she finds an apartment.

We agreed  not to bring anyone in the house until the virus slows down in our area , but now he is breaking the agreement.

My thought was to make her sign a legal agreement stating if she gets covid (some of her family members got covid), she is liable for any expenses incurred by the 2 owners of the house, like professional cleaning, out of Medical expenses for us, expenses for a temporary move for me and 94 yr old mom, etc.

In other words, I want to discourage her from moving in.


Out of pocket medical expenses...correction

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    1 month ago

    You cannot force her to do so, as she is there with permission of an owner.  You have a separate apartment.  Her being there does not affect you.  You need an agreement with your sibling that if any expenses occur because of this woman, he is on the hook.

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    family matters are best decided by talking gently about them, not by confrontation.  your idea would be confrontation.  the critical point in what you said [from where i sit] is your 94 year old mother.  anyone who is of that age is likely highly susceptible to harsh consequences of getting cv19 ... and thus needs to take all reasonable precautions, including not having to share a property with anyone else -- especially from outside the family.  -- grampa

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    EVERYONE can be ASKED to sign a legal agreement.

    Everyone buying or leasing a house is REQUIRED to sign a legal agreement of some sort.

    NO ONE can legally be forced to sign a legal agreement and you CAN'T remove him from his apartment for not agreeing to sign a NEW agreement.

    What you CLAIM you agreed to before IS NOT a legal agreement if it isn't in writing.

    YOU have no legal standing to require ANY agreement to move into HIS apartment.

    Note: The agreement you propose wouldn't be legal anyway.

  • 1 month ago

    yes, if you feel like you want it to be this way

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  • 1 month ago

    Have her sign a lease and include a COIVD policy in that lease. 

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