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Black mould in bedroom ?

I'm decorating and taken previous tenant wallpaper off to find mould on the wall. Doesn't feel wet but it's dark. It's a council flat so would they come evulate it or can I just remove it myself? I am single mum and my son sometimes sleeps in room with me so worried it could be hazardous... 

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    wipe it over with neat dettol will kill the spores ..most mold in bedrooms is on outside walls ..most is caused by having windows shut at night must ventilate least leave door ajar ..paint area with OIL BASED undercoat ..when fully dry either paint it or repaper 

  • 2 months ago

    Mould is caused by damp / condensation. This is is either internal or external.

    Start by assuming it's internal causes, not opening windows enough and drying washing on radiators. So, wipe the mould down with bleach and open windows etc more and it should solve it.

    If it doesn't then

     it's an external cause, eg failure of the damp proof course if on the ground floor, or a leaky gutter which causes water to run down the outside wall and leech into the inside. Then you need to tell the council and they will sort the source of the problem.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Virtually all molds except one are harmless. This sounds more like mildew than anything else. You don't need to involve any authorities to deal with it. Protect floors near the mold area with something waterproof (I use disposable tablecloths, old shower curtains, like that).

    Spray the mold with undiluted white vinegar (5% acidity) or cleaning vinegar (6%). Let it sit an hour, spraying more if it dries out. Put on rubber gloves and sponge/scrub it off, rinsing sponge often.

    Stains may remain, but it's safe to paint or paper over them. And safe for you and your son to be in there. (It was probably safe before, but now you're sure.)

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