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Why are they not posting the "Post reach" on Facebook groups anymore?

I have my own group on Facebook. It is a joke group. For a while, they were listing the "Post Reach" on everything I posted.

That means, the amount of people who got to see it on their news feed, in other groups where I may of posted it or on my joke site. That doesn't mean they paid attention to it, just that they could see it.

However, they are not doing that anymore. Why did they stop doing that?

Are they going to start doing it again?

Is there a way I can fix it and make it start doing the post reach again?

I like seeing how many people have seen my posts.


My group is called: "David's joke site".

Look it up and join if you like jokes.    

1 Answer

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    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Either Facebook took it out or there is a Bug and Facebook is not pulling up the Reach's from the Group 

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