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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 2 months ago

why do people think that politicians will change anything?

none of them have the power to change a damn thing. you stupid mofos are dissing trump, or dissing biden..

they all bat for the same team. they are all puppets to the puppet master which is goathead lucy, aka SATAN. the jesuits control every aspect of human lives. they call the shots. this group is very menacing. im not religious but we've been in spiritual warfare especially since this plandemic. it's got a lot of people waking up and in that club of jesuits, lies the antichrist. they will soon stage a rapture in order to get people to believe that it's christ. thus, making everyone submit to the new world order.we must stop fighting over politics. THESE POLITICIANS ARE ALL ACTORS!we must know who the real enemy's the hidden society at the top of the pyramid. they are the jesuits. 

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