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Anonymous asked in HealthMen's Health · 2 months ago

Question about circumcison surgery?

Little back story. I got circumised as an infant but the doctor screwed it up and the foreskin came back. Didn't realize it till I was 15 when my mother told me. That's when I started pulling back my foreskin but couldn't get it all the way. I cleaned what I could with warm water since soap irritated the crap out of it. Fast forward 20 years and no problems with sex, pain, or discharge, until last month when I got balantis. Took the pill and cream for 2 weeks and went away but now a part of my foreskin is irritated. No pain, yet, just an on and off again itchy feeling and I'm keeping it as dry as possible.

My phimosis has gotten worse to the point I can't retract without some lubercation like water and then it only gets passed half way passed the meatus when flaccid. Can barely see it when erect. I've decided to get a circumcison because I don't wanna deal with balantis and the phimosis anymore. During surgery will the doctor clean smegma or deadskin off in case there is any? Also had no foul smell coming from penis, ever, and married.

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    People talk about smegma so i did some research and SMEGMA only Forms under the Foreskin if the penis is NOT washed for about 14 Days so if you have a dirty smelly penis with a foreskin you will still have a dirty smelly Penis after because you wont wash it like you should

    Being Butchered or Unbutchered does Not effect the Length or Girth you get what you get

  • Jesus
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    I believe that the doctor didn't make you the circumcision, because after they remove the foreskin it is difficult that it grows again. They circumcised me when he was a boy and my glans grew without foreskin, if you make yourself the circumcision you eliminate that problem that you have, forever not more balanitis, not more smegma, neither irritation in your glans. You will be calmer and more comfortable because you will no longer have problems in your penis.          

  • 2 months ago

    If there is a part of you that would like to retain what foreskin you have, ask your doctors about stretching exercises, which may be all you need to alleviate your phimosis and lower your risk for balanitis.

    Otherwise proceed with your circ-correction.

    I'm not sure if the doc would remove any present smegma during the procedure as it may cause unnecessary irritation or increased risk of infection.

    But you should certainly ask prior to the procedure if you are concerned about it.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Since you were cut as an infant, most cut men have a larger penis than the uncut men.

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