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Do you remember "Everwood"?

Here in Italy we just love it, sometimes our channels broadcast (especially last year during total lockdown).

I wanna ask you: why not a fifth season? Why not a kind of "remake" ?

Even if twenty years have passed since its release, it could be nice to see them together (if Gilmore Girls did after a lot of years, even Ewerwood can

Unfortunatelly here in Italy we dont have news about it, maybe you in US know better.

1 Answer

  • EddieJ
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I remember watching it but I don't remember a lot about it.  I watched it when it was first broadcast and then never again.  I never watch reruns -- unless I missed a first run.

    Shows, in general, get canceled because they weren't getting enough of an audience, or if the writers feel that they don't have any more stories about the characters, but it seems "Everwood" was canceled because of the merger between the WB and UPN -- it somehow got lost in the shuffle.  Executives are put in the position of making decisions -- and sometimes it just comes down to their gut feeling.

    It was replaced by "Runawy", which only lasted 3  episodes, and then they added another season of "7th Heaven" which attracted an audience of 7 million while "Everwood" only had 4 million.  Viewers == money.

    I'm currently watching Emily VanCamp on "The Resident".  

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