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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationVideo & Online Games · 2 months ago

How can I get to the far lands in minecraft?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    While it does vary on the version of the game you're playing.  Both Java & Bedrock editions tend to hit the "Far Lands" at the same point (with the "Farther Lands" further out in the Java Edition).

    Starting at your world's "Origin Point" (that's 0,y,0 here...  y = the current geographical height where this point may be), you just have to travel ±12,550,821 meters in either X or Z axis (or both, if you're masochistic).  Due how the world generator works, there can be some minor discrepancies (by roughly 5 meters) on where the far lands being.

    Just a friendly reminder, Minecraft blocks are 1 cubic meter (that's 1 meter long on all block edges), this way you can get the perspective on how large a task this will be.

    12,550,821 m = ~12,551 km or ~8,000 miles...  This roughly equates to 1/3rd of the Earth's circumference.

    To reach that distance, will take a lot of time... depending on your mode of travel... FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT, we're going to assume complete flat & level terrain (so elevation doesn't affect your distance) as well as that you can permanently maintain your speed (so ignoring hunger & item durability as well as your personal well-being) & you have enough hard drive space to store such a large world.

    * On Foot, Walking w/o Soul Boots -- ~33d 15h 39m 27.568s @ 15.54 km/h

    * On Foot, Walking w/ Soul Boots Lv 3 -- ~20d 20h 02m 23.426s @ 25.10 km/h

    * On Foot, Running w/o Soul Boots --  ~25d 21h 20m11.881s @ 20.2 km/h

    * On Foot, Running w/ Soul Boots Lv 3 -- ~16d 00h 38m 45.713s @ 32.63 km/h

    * Minecart w/ powered rails -- ~18d 03h 47m 55.000s @ 28.8 km/h

    * Boat on flat water -- ~18d 03h 47m 55.000s @ 28.8 km/h

    * Saddled Pig w/ carrot-on-stick -- ~34d 16h 17m 39.947s @ 15.08 km/h

    * Saddled Donkey OR Mule -- ~19d 06h 42m 34.839s @ 27.125 km/h

    * Saddled Horse (fastest breed) -- ~10d 05h 02m 27.599s @ 51.22 km/h

    * Ender Pearl (thrown 15 degrees above horizon) -- ~6d 07h 34m 55.652s @ ~82.8 km/h

    * Elytra, gliding @ 0 degree pitch -- ~4d 20h 12m 46.667s @ 108.0 km/h

    * Elytra, continuous rocket boost -- ~4d 08h 04m 16.716s @ 120.6 km/h

    * Elytra, gliding @ 52 degree downward pitch -- ~2d 03h 47m 57.920s @ 242.3 km/h

    Please be aware that you can multiply your "overworld speed" by 8 if you choose to travel through the Nether instead.  So using an Elytra with continuous rocket boost in the nether would have a net overworld speed of 964.8 km/h (= 120.6 km/h x 8 nether world compression... which is ~600 mph OR roughly Mach 0.78754), which would cut the trip down to ~13h 00m 32.090s.

    Due to the height limits of The Nether (as it has a ceiling, unlike the overworld... which can practically go into infinite space, though the world only allows you to build up to 255m), it's impossible to clear the necessary distance gliding at a 52 degree downward pitch.  HOWEVER, if it was possible, you would be able to achieve a remarkable speed of 1938.4 km/h (= ~1,204.5 mph or roughly Mach 1.582)... which you could reach the Far Lands in as little as ~6h 28m 29.740s

    I will note that the above noted list is not all the available modes of transport available.  These are just the most common methods that would be utilized by players within the game world.  You're likely better off to teleport yourself to the desired coordinates if you're willing to make the trek.

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