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Why is my Google Nest router putting out speeds as if it were connected to my old Spectrum modem rather than my now much faster Frontier? ?

We’ve had internet service from Spectrum in our home and had a Google Nest Wifi Router connected via Ethernet from the Spectrum modem/router combo to the Google Nest router. Devices connected wirelessly to the Google nest would get around 60mbps of download speeds and 5 mbps of upload speeds.

This week we had service installed from Frontier, for now we are currently keeping the service from Spectrum while at the same time having Frontier.

Frontier also installed a modem/router combo, so I disconnected the Ethernet cable that goes from the Spectrum modem/router to the Google Nest and connected it to the Frontier modem/router so that the Google Nest is now connected via Ethernet to the Frontier one. In doing this the Google Nest does receive internet from the Frontier modem/router and puts out a signal to which our devices connect to but upon doing a speed test, the speeds are identical to the 60mbps down and 5mbps up from Spectrum when in reality the speeds should be much higher from Frontier. To try and get an idea of what was going on I connected a device through wifi to the Frontier modem/router and upon doing a speed test got back 300mbps down and 300mbps up. I would imagine that because my Google Nest is connected via Ethernet to the Frontier modem/router I would be getting speeds at least somewhat close to the 300mbps up and down but rather it’s putting out speeds as if it was still connected to the Spectrum modem/router! Is there something else I need to do? 

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Why are you using the Google Nest router if you have a Frontier router?  You should only have 1 device functioning as a router, in your case it should be the Frontier modem/router combo.  The Google router, if you must use it, should be configured to function as an access point.  Alternatively you would put the Frontier modem router into bypass mode (if it supports that), which disables the router and you just use it as a modem.

    The Ethernet connection from the Google Router to the Frontier should support speeds of up to 1Gbps both directions (between those two devices).  Point being, Ethernet is not slowing you down.  

    I would suggest you reset the Google Nest back to factory defaults,  then configure it as an access point (meaning you connect from the "LAN" port on the Frontier router to a "LAN" port on the Google router (do not use the "Internet" port).  On the Google router disable DHCP server.  The Google router should get its IP address from the Frontier router and all your connected devices should get their IP address from the Frontier router.  Look at the DHCP server statistics on the Frontier router to be sure all your devices appear there.  The Google router just acts as a pass through, adds no value other than Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • 2 months ago

    download the WiFi Analyzer app and make sure your Nest is set to use channels your neighbors are not using.



    You will have to research iPhone yourself as they are often too much of a nanny to let apps like this work well.

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