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Will my lemon tree make it?

Texas just froze, did my best to insulate and covered with nylon but this was the outcome. Any ideas to help nurse it back? Pic isn't clear but stems have green but yellowing now. 

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    2 months ago
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    Chances are it is gone.  What you need to do is take that patio and enclose it with a  unairconditioned room with windows.  Open the windows in the summer and  close them in the winter.  Then move you myer lemon into the room during the winter.  We had one in a pot for about 10 years doing it that way. It  made a few lemons, but it is a big tree and does not do well in a pot.   It finally became so root bound, we had to let it go.  Then we planted one in the ground on the south side of the house in sandy soil from the house foundation. Over the years we covered it with a polyethylene film and put an electric heater under it. It grew into a big tree, growing about 20 feet tall, until it was too large to cover it.  The freezers killed it  back to about a tree 10 feet tall.  It made at least 500 lemons each year.  It the past few years we did not cover it, but put an electric heater under it.  Just too hard to cover. Which is what we had this year.  10 degrees F. and no heat for a few hours.  The tree is badly damaged.  Leaves and small branches are dying .  Don't know about the trunk which is about 10 inches in diameter and had some heat.  Your tree is dead.  Figure out some way to protect it through the winter temperatures if you want lemons.

  • 2 months ago

    Another pic for reference if it helps.... :( 

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