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Is raising minimum wage during a pandemic the dumbest idea liberals have ever come up with ?

"Hey, the economy is bad let's create massive unemployment" 

I know some liberals will argue that it increases demand but does it? Four people making $7/hour is creating more demand than one guy making $15. Besides, even if it did the demand would create inflation which would make the increase meaningless. 

Updated 4 days ago:

@Witching- Donald Trump set the record for low unemployment at just over 3% and during a pandemic maintained a lower unemployment rate than Obama did during nearly all of his presidency. Either you're a liar, troll or complete idiot. 

Updated 4 days ago:

@blueninja- High taxes created that problem. The government can't decide people's salaries. Source Econ 101. 

Updated 4 days ago:

@James- People are actually proposing this, dumb f*ck. I don't mind ignorance that much but can you at least try to understand the question? 

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  • 3 hours ago

    It would be phased in over a period of time. It should also be tied to inflation

  • 5 hours ago

    Actually, it will be phased in over a few years. To be successful overall, it should be indexed to inflation to prevent this sorry sort of politicking every so many years. The old "raising the minimum wage causes unemployment" is a red herring. The average retail worker (many of the minimum wage earners) is a 39 year old woman, high school diploma, making $9-$10 per hour. Let's see you work 40 hours per week at $10 per hour making around 21K a year as being able to function beyond subsistence level. 

    Not to worry anyway as Artificial Intelligence will soon replace many white collar workers as well. Maybe Andrew Yang was on to something after all. 

  • 6 hours ago

    Drastically raising the minimum wage is a really dumb idea. The minimum wage should only be raised gradually.  A high minimum wage is only going to cause inflation and also it's going to push jobs abroad. Companies are going to outsource jobs to other countries more and small employers aren't going to be able to hire people. So it's going to be disastrous for small businesses. 

  • 11 hours ago

    Don't forget he destroyed the Pipeline Jobs and the Border Wall Jobs.

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  • 1 day ago

    your narrow view is why people have to work 4 jobs just to stay afloat with no medical benefits.  No one can survive with a minimum wage below 15 an hour and this is not big bucks either it is just above the poverty line.  Wake  a hole.

  • Anonymous
    1 day ago

    What is even dumber and more disgusting is that the federal minimum wage was  $3.10 in 1980! That is a scant $4.15 increase in 41 years! How idiots like you expect people to live on $7.25/hr is beyond belief!

  • 2 days ago

    There's only 21 states that pay less than Federal Minimum wage

  • 2 days ago

    congrats for the likely genuine post that probably isn't satire.

  • 2 days ago

    No, not even close;.

  • 2 days ago

    raising min wage is the easiest way to raise inflation and hurt small biz to the point the low wage of min wage earners cant get a job cuz no one can afford to pay them so in the end they get no wage.  in the same turn, the small biz go out of biz if they cant afford to pay higher min way and they have no one to do the work, they go out of biz. even if they pay the min wage to keep the min wage employee in work but its more than he can afford, that puts him out of biz also. so in the end, high min wage is terrible for the economy. 

    if people want more money, go to school, learn a trade, get a degree or open your own biz to earn their own money and stop trying to get something extra for not offering anything extra. no one deserves a living wage just because they work.  min wage jobs are supposed to be for those still going to school to pay for school or just to have extra money while living at home with parent[s] and not to survive solely on. 

    even if working at a company that can easily afford to pay higher wages but the work is minimal at best, why should that work be honored with more money just because that worker cant be bothered to do anything to earn more? min skill for min effort for min work gets min wage and deservedly so. 

    go find a free online biz school to do the math yourself and see how impossible it is to pay someone for something that isnt worth is. its like asking you to pay three times more for a big mac to afford to pay that employee.  or three times more for gas to afford to pay the cashier. then everything goes up by three and that raise in min wage is back to its place in the pay scale it was at three times less because everything else went up by three.  it only hurts the economy, it never helps.  getting better skills to get better money is the only way. or go live in a cave in the forest and forage for your own food and make your own clothes out of the animals you kill for food.

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