Can u like a guy more than if someone knew u were with him ?


Not that like without worry other people etc 

Update 2:

I just don't care have to take risk I don't need overthink stuff etc too much sad feeling that stuff etc 😣

Update 3:

Thx tc like I'm really tired the misunderstanding stuff etc it's too much need escape okay tc 😐🥺🤫I be quiet just I choose him without anything else 😉 that what always wanted anyways 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Speaking from my own experience, it is definitely possible to still like somebody even if they have a partner. But among men, usually if your friend is with someone, you don't see them in that way out of respect. If you are currently struggling and like somebody who has a partner, I would wait it out and see how it ends. Once the person in question is single, it will be okay for you to start making moves. I hope this helps!

    Your pal, Akib

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