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low libido during male puberty?

i have gotten into puberty  for a pretty long time like around 2 years and i have recently(1 month ago to now) have reduced libido. but during this time i have episodes of bisexuality a couple of days bisexual and a couple of days asexual-ish. during the bisexual periods i have higher libido towards both sexes and during the asexual periods i have low libido and almost no attraction towards both sexes. Has anyone gone thru this?


btw before that i had a normal puberty libido maybe even higher with a lot of testosterone. i have a pretty masculine voice from that testosterone and stuff. i don't wanna take sex supplements because which 12 year old goes to the pharmacy for viagra? 

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    For about $75, a supermarket mini-clinic can collect a sample of blood for testing. To test for Testosterone, the male sex hormone, may costs a little more. I am 86, and in good shape for my age. I had my Testosterone level measured at a Kroger mini-clinic that measured 545 ng(nanograms). My testicles do not manufacture much hormones, but I have a mini-orgasm about every 3 months. My erections only last if I use a vibrator. If you engage in anal sex, be careful of men with large penises. The anal sphincter can stretch out-of-shape and lead to leaking feces. 

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    Take sex pills not supplements ok 

    Viager would be good to start off 

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