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This new strain of coronavirus, will it cost us to have another year of shutdowns and isolation?

Or are we still at the tail end of the pandemic? Will we be able to have relationships again this summer and next holiday season? 

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    this is the problem of people, they go to extremes and they do not listen to the science of it.. even without those new strains, and even with everyone has been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine, it is going to be a year or two before COVID-19 is no longer in the news - hopefully shorter but given to antivaxxers and antimaskers numbers out there, it sounds about right.. recently, the Education minister of Singapore, Lawrence Wong, had announced that this pandemic would last for another 4 to 5 years -- and he could be right.. 

    .. our Ministry of Public Health (not Singapore but a member of ASEAN) has already told the public that: even with everyone been vaccinated, we should expect 2 more years of wearing mask, maintaining social distancing, hand-washing, quarantine& isolation, and (if needed) lock downs and travel bans.. my country is dependent on tourism before the pandemic; we want to be untrue but we cannot deny the science of it.. of course, we hope that the scientists are wrong and that the pandemic would end sooner, but those idiots on youtube gathering in large numbers and refusing to wear a mask, do not give me the hope that the pandemic would end much sooner..

    there are 3 new strains, the UK, the Brazil, and the African variants.. the news are confused about it because they do not read the science about it.. first, mutations happens most of the time - just like in humans: tall, short, fair or dark skin; but COVID-19 coronavirus (always mention COVID-19 before the word coronavirus in this context that is better known as SARS-CoV-2) is still COVID-19 coronavirus in many way.. these new strains and variants have NOT changed much and they still are SARS-CoV-2 not SARS-CoV-3 (not yet at least)..second, it is a bit of a predictable good news based on our previous studies on other viruses such as SARS coronavirus (the original SARS-CoV), MERS coronavirus or other members of the Human Coronavirus family of the Common Cold.. the main mission of viruses in life is to replicate and to spread.. it kinda defeats the purpose if viruses kill people too soon before it could spread to more humans.. these new variants are found to be less deadly than the original SARS-CoV that originated from China at the end of 2019 (call it an act of God, evolution or both).. and this outcome have seen in previous coronaviruses infections, mainly in SARS.. SARS coronavirus (the original SARS-CoV) terrorized Asia in 2003 to 2015 with some minor isolated cases in 2020.. with every passing year, the SARS illness became less and less deadly - and in 2020, it caused the Common Cold symptoms to people..Common Cold (which is mostly running nose, and maybe with some fever and some cough as appose to Flu), is caused by a host of viruses (upto 200 different viruses) about 14% of those viruses belong to the Human Coronaviruses family.. as SARS-CoV becomes older, it slowly joining the family in causing Common Cold (instead of the more deadly flu-like symptoms).. and this is what virologists expect to happen to the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in 2040 or 2050.. so far, none of those strains or variants of COVID-19 coronavirus had escaped the COVID-19 vaccine..

    third, is a bit of bad news.. some of these new strains or variants, are known to spread faster than the original SARS-CoV-2.. which only translates into more strict rules about mask-wearing, social-distancing and other measures like lock-downs and travel-ban.. and unfortunately 10% of people who get COVID-19 still develop Post Acute-COVID-19 Syndrome (of which those people call themselves COVID-19-Long-Haulers).. this is syndrome is much worse than COVID-19, and it appears to hit the young and athletic harder, of which they would have a very mild case of COVID-19 but unable to recover back to full health after several months from COVID-19..

    do yourself a favour and Youtube-search for 'COVID-19 Long Haulers' and watch videos from known news sites (like the video below from 60 minutes)

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    If we all have the vaccination then life will return to normal. The new strain is covered.

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