Looking at our next 10 EPL Fixtures - where will the wins/points come from and how many points from a possible of 30 will we achieve ?

Thu 27 Jan

Tottenham (A)

Sun 31 Jan

West Ham (A)

Wed 3 Feb

Liverpool (H)

Sun 7 Feb

Man City (H)

Sat 13 Feb

Leicester (A)

Sat 20 Feb

Neverton (H)

Sat 27 Feb

Sheffield United (A)

Sat 6 Mar

Fulham (H)

Sat 13 Mar

Wolves (A)

Sat 20 Mar

Chelsea (H)

I dare some of you brave people to begin predicting those fixtures results cos I'll be damned if I will lol

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    i don't know man, not saying i don't think we'll win games, i think we'll do pretty well maybe great, but i don't know where those wins  prob loses and maybe draws will come from, do you reckon many people would have anything like correctly predicted our results thus far?...i doubt that very much, what i will say is some of that weight and pressure will be off somewhat, another thing is Thiago is similar to Curtis Jones, an AM  not a DM as he appears to be doing...

    Btw they said in the game he was Brasilian, when he was born in Italy and plays for Spanish national side...go figure..


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    21 points at most.

  • 1 month ago

    The previous evening saw the 30th round of the English Premier League find some conclusion, with Chelsea making things intriguing again guaranteeing a 2-0 success over Manchester City, and Liverpool proclaiming their own return beating Sunderland by a similar score.

    The 30th round shows that a great deal has occurred in the Premier League world. The finish of the period is several months away, groups can by and large check how they will complete the season and individuals are starting to stop Fantasy in the wake of understanding that they really can't make a preferable showing over Sir Alex Ferguson's headhunters.

    At the top finish of the table, there are six groups battling for five European spots (and one of which isn't the most impressive of targets), and only three focuses separate the groups positioned somewhere in the range of 13 and 20, which means there are eight clubs with a practical possibility of playing against Portsmouth next season.

    For most sides, just eight games stay until a late spring that will no uncertainty end up being as significant as could be expected. Be that as it may, up to that point, those eight games promptly become the essential core interest.

    What follows is a glance at each group's leftover installations (with the a few most significant ones underlined), how the season's away for them, their prompt targets and that they are so liable to accomplish them.

    Don't hesitate to concur or differ in the Comments area.

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