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Could I still be pregnant ?

I took several urine pregnancy tests and they came back negative but I am now 11 days late. I took a blood Pregnancy test on the 6th day of my missed period and the results came back negative as well. Could I still be pregnant. My period still hasn’t come. Do blood tests give you a negative result if done too early? 

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    you should always wait at least a week after having missed your period to take a pregnancy test... even if it the test says "Early Prediction" ... the more HCG hormones you have, the more accurate the result... the earlier you take the test, the less HCG hormones you have... Take a test again now that its been longer... take it first thing in the morning as your urine is not diluted yet..... 

    and to answer your main question about blood tests... I do not think you can get a false result. 

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    A negative result at 11 days late is a negative result. 

    There can be other reasons for missing a period. Stress is one of them. Illness is another. Chill out and if your period doesn't come in a couple more weeks then perhaps see your doctor about it. 

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    A late period usually means late ovulation when pregnancy tests are negative.

    If there is some reason that you ovulated late, then you would also get a late positive on a pregnancy test if conception happened when you ovulated.

    It is even possible that you have not even ovulated yet and that conception could still happen when you finally do ovulate if you have sex at the right time.

    Bottom line - you are not pregnant right now but if you have not ovulated yet and you continue to have sex, you could become pregnant before you get your missing period.

    When it has been more than 21 days since the last time you had sex, a pregnancy test would be accurate no matter what is happening.  If it is still negative at 21 days after sex, then you are not pregnant and the period is missing for some other reason.  If you are having sex more often than that or don't intend to stop having sex until you get your period, then there IS some slight risk that late ovulation could still result in pregnancy even though you are not currently pregnant and your period is late.

    BTW - my period was missing for over THREE MONTHS when I finally became pregnant instead of getting a period.  I was only measuring a FEW WEEKS even though my period had already been missing for over THREE MONTHS.  Late ovulation means missing periods and pregnancy can happen when ovulation happens and you wouldn't know WHEN ovulation is going to happen.  I had also went to a doctor because my periods had been missing so long.  The doctor gave some lame excuse about my weight affecting my periods and that I would need to drop weight in order to get my periods back and that pregnancy was unlikely.  (they also tested for pregnancy at that appointment and I was not pregnant at that time)  I traced backwards from when I did find out I was actually pregnant and it is highly likely that conception happened a few days AFTER that doctor told me it would be unlikely for me to become pregnant.  So - bottom line - my period was missing - I was NOT pregnant - ovulation happened late and pregnancy happened on that late ovulation before ever getting a period.  By the time I actually had my baby, my period had actually been missing for over a year instead of the typical nine months.  My due date could only be determined by scans since the date of my last period was so far out of range from actual conception.  

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    Very unlikely.  A blood text is definitive.  If you're period hasn't arrived, get in to see your Ob/Gyn.  

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