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When will Biden visit the border and shake the hands of all the people coming across the border illegally and unvaccinated?

to prove just how safe the borders.  Everyone but Americans know how kind, gentle and good for America the unvaccinated and undocumented people crossing it really are and that the Americans who are prisoners in their own homes are the problem and they are the dangerous ones.



I don't expect anything from any career politicians except to lie and make sure his family makes millions at tax-payer expense.

Update 2:


If the borders were opened because the president has no intention to uphold the laws of the US, then Congress should impeach the SOB and SCOTUS should cram the paper that allowed the illegals in down his racist throat. Illegals don't do jobs that Americans won't do, the uncut the wages of the poor.  

Only the stupid and haters of America would attempt the move.

Update 3:

Let's pretend you have the truth.  Why don't you prove your point like CG suggests?  

Is it because you went to a public school and was taught that your opinion was better than proof because then you could always be a racist and the victim at the same time?

May MS-13 gang members be your neighbors and their sparks of divinity shower down the blessings on your family like they are known for providing so you can thank Biden for your good fortune. 

Update 4:


And you call that an answer to my question? Come on, man. Just because you can't come up with an intelligent answer doesn't mean you have to change the question.  

You could try to learn why Biden wants higher fences and more men with assault rifles around the WH but doesn't want them protecting you.  Is it because he is a racist and knows people coming in illegally will take away jobs from the Black community because to him, Black lives don't matter?

Update 5:


LOL  So as the MS-13 gang members walk to the border thinking about what they will do to you and your family, are you saying that they will stop and wait for Biden to invite them in?  How long has the government locked you in your own home?  It sounds like you are losing it.

Update 6:

Anonymous, So he shouldn't touch them with gloves on but sniffing their hair and making racial slurs against the Black community is OK?

Update 7:


Funny how you rioters who burn Black business to the ground don't mind illegals when they are violent gang members or taking Black jobs but you do have problems with Trump's wife.  

Update 8:


I appreciate your belief that Biden, the rich, and millions of others who chose walls over increased security.  Is that because in you envision having land mines and automated machine guns shooting and killing those that would come across the border?  

While that way would be effective, most Americans would disagree with you and would demand you to prove that another way is more effective and humane than a wall.  Until you can, we know you are just full of beans.

Update 9:


So you are saying that like a true communist, Biden needs to kill about half the US population before allowing the illegals to come and take jobs from the black community. 

Update 10:


You obviously didn't see the 60,000 BLM people shoulder to shoulder singing like a choir, killing people, and burning down Black businesses while Biden was hiding in his basement letting his servants stock his shelves.  Is that because you are a racist?

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  • Shiloh
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    1 month ago
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    Hey, don't forget, Biden closed air traffic to Europe!  Very important to lock Europeans out but open southern borders to absolutely everyone. Count on the 10,000s of MS13 and all other violent Gangs, which Trump removed in the last 4 years,  to be back in with Pied Piper Biden leading them.  

    Congratulations America,  great choice in POTUS! He'll have you ruined in no time,  infected and dead. 

  • david
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    1 month ago

    Just as soon as he gets rid of all of the cuckroaches destroying the USA. Gotta make room, so offload the vermin. 

  • 1 month ago

    In all the most recent News Reports I've seen in America, it's been really easy to spot the Republicans in the crowd, because they are the ones that don't know how to interpret 'Safe social distancing', nor do they wear face masks or wash their hands.

    I'd heard that the current illegal immigrants were being processed with visas etc and a right to stay, not sure about anyone who is currently planning on making the unsafe and expensive trip into the USA now.

  • 1 month ago

    Oh, he will never do that.. he doesn't want to take the chance of catching something.. He'll let all the  border guards do that.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Funny how all you outraged people never had a problem with Trump's illegal immigrant wife.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The only way immigration should be allowed to the United States is if they ones coming across the border can prove they have credentials to do a job that is needed in the United States.   People are not allowed to get across any border unless they can prove their presence in the United States contributes to the Economy and helps with a service that is low in workers.  Sad for the Hispanics because if there are any unemployed citizens they should be allowed to do Yard work first and harvesting of farms. A Mexican LAWYER in AZ told me these immigration laws.   People cannot walk across the border anymore. You need valid visas to go across the Mexican border. Day passes are allowed for medical reasons but those who cross are documented and if they break the law they will go to jail.  Employers need to fill out W-4 forms when hiring and if anyone gives a false social security number then they do not get paid and are dismissed.  Smart business owners will report all they know about those employees so the cops can arrest them and send them back to the country they are from and let the jurisdictional arrangements of those countries figure out how to punish them.  It is a sad day for the Hispanics because the jails in Mexico are not pleasant. 

  • 1 month ago

    Illegal immigrants didn't storm the American congress. The republican party is the party that supports domestic terrorism.

  • 1 month ago

    Perhaps you are not paying attention. Biden has ordered a review of our immigration system for legal immigration and asylum. He has asked for improved surveillance rather than an ineffective wall. He has asked to find the parents of the 511 children in detention to be reunited with their parents. He has suggested an 8-year process to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already here. He has extend visas for DOCA kids. He has authorized ICE to deport any immigrant trying to illegally cross the border or who pose any threat to the United States. He has promoted increasing judges and support to handle asylum cases faster to avoid wait times.

    Of course in your eyes any immigration threatens white dominance and the balance of power. Maybe not . . .

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    all who enter illegally should be shot.

  • 1 month ago

    And Trump had a better idea? At least they will be handled in a humane way and be processed as a family. They pass muster, they stay, they fail, they are sent home as a FAMILY, with the kids.

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