What did Houdini do with our beautiful women, Princess and the lovable Cindy?


Cindy LGPB?

She also disappeared, no?

Update 2:

I find you interesting, are you attractive, considering you call yourself a Princess and now a magician?

You must be alluring, no?

Update 3:

I will always stay in tune with you Princess.

I am fascinated with you.

I imagine you to be Julia Roberts.

I even bought a pizza last week at Mystic Pizza, in Stonington.

Kind of expensive, $27 bucks, but it was very good.

Maybe we could visit together?

Update 4:

Houdini, I don't care if you are fat and ugly, I would still date you and very much be your friend and I am a con.

Please don't hate me because I am beautiful.

Update 5:

Let's make love, not hate.

That is what I think of liberal women, love, not hate.

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  • 1 month ago
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    I don't know who Cindy is, but, I made the Princess disappear, but, STAY TUNED! 

    She may reappear at the back of the theater. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Apparently she tired of guys hitting on those two accounts, so she came up with Houdini.

    Face it, Cindy was a beautiful woman and men wanted her even though she was lesbian.

    That is my guess.

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