what exactly is faith in God? what causes faith to mature?


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    Faith in God is acting on God's word. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The more you hear the word of God the more your faith grows, and the more it grows the stronger it becomes.

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    “Anonymous”, like existence and life, faith is a spirit-substance that exists among the inseparable aspects that are the makeup of GOD (we also say, the divine fullness; the Creator; the Godhead; the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Where one appears, all the others appear, though not always in the same measure. Included within the complete array of sacred being are holiness, longsuffering, lovingkindness, oneness without sameness, personhood, wisdom, and wrath against sin. Faith as an element within the consciousness and makeup of created beings and living creatures should be understood as imparted or transmitted from divinity, and is spirit that manifests only its own authority, character, operations, and power. Thus, faith is only made up of faith, just as holiness consists only of holiness, righteousness consists only of righteousness. GOD did not create life as a separate element that could later be used to make mankind a “living soul;” life essence (breath; utterance; word) was provided to Adam and later to the female directly from GOD. Only GOD is immortal, and while the living may be consecrated and sanctified to have duration, exist as offspring to GOD, and to serve divinity, the living must become transformed to have eternal life. Faith and life exist as perfected, however, the life process for those on the earth now goes forward by degrees, and is progressive from birth to the completion of mortality. Water baptism depicts the death, burial, and rebirth/resurrection of ones inborn spirit. Those who become born again also must grow-up again (we say, must develop; be edified; gradually grow; become accountable, consistent, stable, etc.). Through the ministry of Jesus Christ, sinners receive a fresh endowment of the same spirit that was provided to Jesus while he served on the earth. There is far more that should be said, correctly examined, and spiritually apprehended. (For example, eternal salvation with divinity is not determined by their behavior, knowledge, service, and suffering so much as by their content of divine substance and their continuance under grace.). Even so, I trust this fragment will be useful. Be it unto you according to your faith.

    Source(s): Faith, years of prayer, and study of the sacred writings.
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    Faith in God comes from first hearing the written word of God and then you take a chance and you actually do what you have read if you actually do what you have read you will see that it improves your life and your lifestyle dramatically if all you do is believe intellectually it does nothing for your life and makes everybody including yourself hate you

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    Faith is matured by studying and believing the Bible.  See Romans 10:17.  The Bible is the Word of God.  Use the King James Bible, because it is 100% perfect. The Lord Jesus Christ is God.  Death leads to immediate heaven or hell, and it is too late to be saved, after death.  To be in heaven and not hell, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God and who died on the cross and shed His blood to pay for all of our sins in full, and who was buried, and who resurrected from the dead.  The only way to avoid hell is by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, without adding any of your own works.  See Romans 4:5, 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, and John 3:16.

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    That means you rely on God. For example, the Lord's prayer. "Give us our daily...". Paul wrote in Philippians 4:19 that God will provide. Luke 12:28 & Matthew 6:30.  Hebrews 11 is the Faith Chapter & tell you what Faith is.

    How do you get more? Ask God. Then expect a trial. In a trial, turn to God quickly.

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    Faith = trust. It's the same thing. It's not hard to figure out once someone spells it out like that. I am a Christian because I trust in Jesus Christ, who that God sent to make a way for me to have peace with God. Other people trust in something else. Faith increases because there is an established pattern of trustworthiness. It's called confidence. I have learned that Faith is an action, based upon belief, sustained by confidence.

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    Faith is belief in something for which there is no evidence. In other words, wishful thinking. 

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    how can you procure love?

    does it take some effort?

    how does love grow once found?

    faith is merely the beginning of (SO MUCH MORE).

    faith leads to love.

    love leads to trust.

    but the simple fact remains.

    how can you get to know GOD?

    (hint: from HIS WORD)

    faith grows with study. (this is even said)

    Source(s): Rom 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
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