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What makes people easily offended?

Seriously. Is there a science behind it?

If I run to the store for example and see someone walking along and also see someone watching them I'll see that other person just get SO angry because of the way that other person did something. Hard to explain. Maybe a mental illness? It has to be when you start acting at fast pace to insult someone when you know they're only human.

A theory I thought of. Everyone is so involved with social media. They get the "keyboard warrior" mind concept. So anything said or shown drives them into a rage without even hearing the persons voice of seeing how they mean. There are people now though that will present themselves all big and bad to get a point across that has little to no value in meaning. Like lost children. Kind of like.. There's a difference with talking with a crowd of people vs speaking to someone one at a time.


I'm pretty sure I'll get some "smart" answers on here. Only because that's all anyone seems to answer with. I haven't had social media in almost 3 years, I barely even get on the internet. I just saw these questions from my email and decided to make my own version of it. Anyway I see anger in people a lot better after leaving that social media garbage. Lol

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    It's partly people being raised by single mothers, who are either negligent, or over-protective and over-sensitive; and I suspect most children today are being raised by single mothers.

    The other part is this outrage culture that comes from the left. Everyone has to be outraged by every tiny insensitivity, and everyone has be outraged on everyone else's behalf (except for white people and men). Every leftist has to go on social media and show the world how much superior in 'virtuosness' they are, so they're always looking for smaller and smaller things to be insulted by, or just making stuff up. 'Cancel-culture', 'wokeness', etc. all leftist mental-illness.

    Before leftists brainwashed people with their identity politics and critical theory, all different kinds of people used to get along much better, precisely because people weren't so 'woke' and sensitive. Which I suppose is why the elites invented it.

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    your mother... :-P

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    Expectations of others often leads to upset. Reduce expectations in order to enjoy more serenity.

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