Does it annoy you when a white-passing person refers to whites as 'the enemy'?

I met this woman that is a mix of Native American and various European ethnicities. She looks white to me (relatively fair-skinned and blue-eyed) but she corrects anybody that calls her a "white woman" (you know I AM NOT white!).

Not only she says she has nothing to do with whites, but that whites and the post-colonial legacy are responsible for most of the bad things that occurred to her earlier in her life (she was abused by his ex-husband, and she says that's due to his 'European' roots, because Euro societies are patriarchal).

Do you think her view of facts is realistic? Didn't Native American men abuse their women before Europeans came to the Americas? Does she have right to detach herself entirely from her European roots and call whites "the enemy"?


@Jenya: I'm not making anything up, these people are real, and there are many people like them.

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    1 month ago
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    •The top 37 countries with the most terrorism in the world are majority black or brown people.

    •China causes the most pollution in the world. 

    •The United Arab Emirates causes the most pollution per capita. 

    •The first gun was invented in China. 

    • The nuclear bomb was invented by a Jewish male. 

    • Jewish people invented Christianity. 

    • the black plague (originated from east Asia) killed 200 million people. 

    • brown men invented slavery. 

    • brown men invented sharia law.

    •brown men invented child marriage. 

    • The oldest torture devices were found in Egypt.

    • Mongols killed 1/3 of humanity. 

    •Mongols invaded and colonized eastern Europe and the majority of Asia including the Middle. 

    • Mao Zedong killed 50 to 70 million people. 

    • Joseph Stalin (an ethnic Georgian i.e. non-white) killed 40 million. 

    • An Lushan Rebellion- 36 million deaths. 

    •Taiping Rebellion - 30 million 

    • Sino-Japanese War- 20 million 

    • Yellow Turban Rebellion- 7 million 

    •Ming Dynasty vs Qing Dynasty-25 million 

    •Thee Kingdoms War- 36-40 million 

    •Moorish Wars- 5 million 

    • China civil war- 8-11 million 

    •Timur conquests- 8-20 million 

    •Korean war- 1.5-4.5 million 

    • Dungan Revolt- 8-20 million 

    • Mughal Maratha Wars- 5 million 

    •Spanish conquest of inca empire- 8 million 

    •Spanish conquest of Aztec Empire- 2 million 

    • Crusades- 3 million 

    • Japanese invasion of Korea- 1 million 

    • Christopher Columbus was Italian. 

    • The Transatlantic slave trade was started by the Portuguese. 

    • Japan started ww2 

    • Spaniards colonized and exterminated Native Americans.

    Oswald Hope Robertson was white (English) and invented the blood bank which has saved literally over 1 BILLION human lives. Penicillin (which has saved from 80 million to 200 million human lives was discovered by white Scottish man Alexander Fleming. Russians put the first human (who was White, Slavic, heterosexual, male, atheist and had blue eyes), animal and satellite in space and landed on the moon first (Luna2).

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    1 month ago

    Isn’t it weird that you come 

    across all these people having mixed ethnicity and they’re all disregarding their whiteness? Or you’re making all these scenarios up so you could see what these racist think about the group those people actually claim?

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    1 month ago

    The idea of white was flawed from the start. The identities used in the US need to be reworked to say the least.

    I'm not going into anything else because some of the language you used makes me think you're sort of troll.

    So let's leave it at, you shouldn't hate any one based on skin color.

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