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How much food would 4 medium sized dogs need in a week? ?

3 dogs weigh between 32 and 36 lbs, And the largest is 36 lbs. how much food would they need and would it be a big deal to take care of them?

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    Depends on what brand of food you are feeding, and how active the dogs are.   Active dogs eat more food than laid back dogs.    Foods with fillers in them will require you to feed more food to make up the amount of nutrients

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    It depends on the dogs. I have two dobermans and I feed them each a bowl in the morning and each a bowl in the evening. Sometimes they get three bowls. So far that seems to be working for our family. No, it is not major for their health to have a specific food or a certain amount. You should watch them carefully.

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    HOW would would know what brands are available to you in whatever place IN THE WORLD you live?  [We don't!!]

    It VARIES; depending on their age and energy/metabolic rate and the CALORIES PER CUP (in any specific food, fed).  Higher priced foods with MORE DIGESTIBLE ingredients, are often actually cheaper as it takes less to feed.  You need to figure it out or you don't need any dog, let alone a PACK.

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    Oh, 'bout a pound of steak, every day. Medium rare & cooled.

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    Don't get a dog if you find it difficult to research their basic needs and certainly don't have 3 or 4 dogs as that is a pack and very different to having one or even 2 dogs.

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    hard to say. . depends their age and on how active they are. 40 pounds might be enough. don't feed them food with corn.

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