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Is there any way I can talk to a psychologist anonymously?

I have some heavy details I need to lay out and I'm not yet comfortable with being pinned to this. This is something I've been contemplating my whole life but seriously I am having some serious doubts. 

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    While the focus in this post was empathic & gifted women. I am pretty open to talking to anyone:


    I work with women in the Midwest, USA.  Typically with BPD, C-PTSD sometimes Bipolar and very severe symptoms.  My general feeling is things are more difficult, they experience them more intensely.  Often when they seek help women are further isolated, abused, ignored or exploited.  This is why women are many times more likely to attempt suicide.  You do not have to be empathic or gifted.  It is just my interest.  I do not care about gender either.  Again it is just who I've been most involved with.  Typical age range is 18-50 (Onset through progression).If you are able to communicate a blunt (open; painfully honest) history of the last 5-10 yrs (or more) 18+ & good with talking about details/specifics, I am open. The biggest problem this takes a lot of back and forth communication. Most people who want to work with me here give 1-2 paragraphs as we go back and forth, it just isn't enough.  Now I have no idea what is wrong - You might be a troll.I do not care who you are.  Just have to be open to talking.  Not knowing you allows me to be more "verbose"/wordy I don't care what you think (not rudely).  I can be more open/honest and blunt.  I can tell you if something is stupid, immature needs addressed or other things.  You are not sitting across from me in a room where I have to worry about many things.  You can stop talking to me then randomly write me 2 yrs later - just happened.  We will only ever talk via email.  The one provided.  I care about specifics, history, examples, facts - information, ya know?  Not your name or personal information.


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    it is called a brown paper bag...

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    No,there are all paid.

    and online chat is nonsense.

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    When you meet with a therapist, you ask about how confidentiality works and then take your time to get to know the therapist and build trust. The time will come when you feel you can trust them and when that happens, it will be almost natural for you to share things that are very important. Also, if a therapist asks you a question you don't want to answer, just say, "I need time before I talk about some things." Sometimes building trust takes a few weeks; sometimes it takes a few months.

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    The experts say that self-help and online therapy are not a good substitute for seeing a professional. A site with a very good reputation - 7 Cups. Their services include free chat.

    I know very little about online therapy. You would want to research it carefully, read reviews. This has info about it, and other self-help things.


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