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How are some people 25, married, and have 3 kids? Is that a good way to live? ?

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    That depends on you. Some people tend to thrive in large families and some do not and that all depends on how you envision your life and how you want to experience your time on Earth. 

    For example-- My younger brother wants a large family and at the age of 22 he's already preparing for a future where he knows he will have to provide for a lot of people (mind you he's not even dating anyone). I on the other hand am happy with no children and I'm quite contempt with my life the way it's played out without children and such. Sit honestly all depends.

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    It depends. It sounds a bit unlikely to me that all could be well, however. How can those so young support all those children? How can they mature and come into their own and still want to be with the other person?  How skilled and ready are they to parent at all?  Why are you asking? 

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    For some, it is. For others, a nightmare. 

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