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Unemployment Questions! ?

Okay, where to begin! 

So, I was unemployed in NYC for 7 months during the lockdown. When work called, I went back and after a few months, I voluntarily quit to move back home due to financial strain and to pursue other opportunities. Since then, I'm still unemployed and unable to find work due to the pandemic. I know that in most states if you voluntarily quit or refuse work that you're no longer eligible for unemployment; however, I was told that I may qualify for PUA. 

After many attempts, I was able to get through to the department of labor via phone and I was told to certify and see if I'm eligible to claim unemployment. I did that, answered the gap in unemployment pay questionnaire truthfully (said that I quit voluntarily, moved due to high cost of living, etc) and claimed. Within a few days, I received both unemployment pay and the PUA. 

I've called a few more times and got through just to make sure I'm in the clear but the reps didn't seem to know how to answer my question. My question is, will I be committing unemployment fraud? Or should I not worry? If I was denied then they wouldn't have certified my weekly claim, correct? Will my past employer reach out to me? 



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    If your answers are truthful, then you cannot commit fraud.

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