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Where are the nfl white/pale skinned rbs? Also why is there only white kickers? ?

So I’ve watched many big names for running backs such as emitt smith, saquon barkley Ezekiel Elliott, and list goes on. But notice they are all African American? Where are the white ones? I normally see more white qbs or tight ends more than I see running backs. Are African American just faster than the white guys? Also I just notice so many white kickers such as Dan Bailey. Never have I seen a black kicker. 

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    1 month ago

    Blacks on average have lower iq’s than any other group of people.

  • 1 month ago

    So, as another responder mentioned, there are white RBs.  And white receivers and corners and such.  But it's also very true that the vast majority are black.  Why?  There are some uncomfortable truths here.

    First, let's state that there's no definitive answer here.  Any answer likely reflects a person's bias more than fact because there's no study conclusively showing what causes this.

    But my feeling is that the main reason for this discrepancy is socioeconomics.  The fact is that in America the vast majority of blacks grow up in substantial poverty, often in areas where there is a cynicism about the economic opportunity to advance.  I'm talking inner city ghettoes but also very rural enclaves as well.  

    The result is that if you imagine two kids, one white, one black, each equally biologically gifted for athletics, the white kid likely has more options open to them.  They have parents demanding that they put at least as much work into academics as athletics.  They likely see athletics as a fun thing to do now...but are working on a backup plan as well.

    Meanwhile, the black kid is growing up seeing three routes out of poverty - gangs, music, and sports.  So if he's athletically gifted, he's going to be urged by family and friends and teachers and everyone to put all of his eggs in that basket.  Simply put, he'll work harder at it than the white kid who spreads his effort around.

    And that work, especially early in life, sets that kid up for having more fast-twitch muscle fiber, and better football skills later in life when he's being drafted and playing in the NFL.

    But I think it has to be acknowledged, that there ARE biological differences.  Studies have shown some African genetic lineages have more fast twitch muscle fiber on average.  There is also the legacy of slavery where bigger and stronger people were bred by slave owners.

    I think some people overstate the effect of those things.  But by the same token, because they are uncomfortable topics, there are other people that want to deny them altogether.  The truth, I suspect, is somewhere between.  Yes, they're real, but I believe socioeconomics is a MUCH stronger explanation. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    White RBs: 

    Christian McCaffrey

    John Riggins

    Larry Csonka

    Mike Alstott

    Red Grange

    Peyton Hillis

    Danny Woodhead

    Paul Hornung

    Doak Walker

    Rocky Bleier

    Merril Hoge 

  • Alan
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    1 month ago

    Some exceptions 

    Currently at RB  

    Christian McCaffrey for Carolina Panthers

    For Kickers in the past, 

    Reggie Roby  was a punter  

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