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Why did Trump never get higher than a 45% job approval as President? and how does this debunk the lie he won by a landslide?

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    You hear this form the same Propganda networks that Lie daily.

    (Go listen the to George Zimmerman 911 Tape (from NBC) the go listen to the REAL UNEDITED  George Zimmerman 911 Tape !Then go look in to why CNN and other Liberal Media Outlets had to pay that boy  Hundreds of Millions of $ ! (Nicholas Sandmann). )

    The Good News is that The DEM's and Media (Propagandist) KNOW that they had to:1) Create >520,000 Fake People/Votes.2) Swap Trumps Votes With Bidens.3)Use Voting Machines that change Votes From Trump To Biden.4)Raise the DEAD and have them Vote For Biden.5)Send the Vote of "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE"  over Seas to have Italy change them.6)Get Poll workers to Re Scan Batches of Fraudulent Votes more that 4 timeALL THIS just to get their WEAK, Insane , and Evil Party/Candidates to APPEAR like he Squeaked out a Win over Trump !

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    Trump is a Russian operative who came into power by the help of Russia web sites.  after in there he was right he did what he came to do was divide the country and start a civil war.  He did not have to make you like him and he only wanted half the people to like him so it would divide the country.  But his mistake was not getting the military behind him like Putin did.  But he was trying to start a civil war and he may still succeed.  After the USA starts killing each other off then Russia came come up through Texas and take over the nation.  With half the people fighting for them  He even mentioned on computer webb site like the movie {Red Dawn" where Russia came up through Texas.  They are already dividing to accept Russians and that is where the military is.  He did not win but he was in there long enough to divide the nation and hand it over to the Russians.

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    fake news media gave him97% false news

  • Anonymous
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    Trump didn't try to expand his base .He kept them loyal to various degrees by pandering w/ BS and lies pleasing for them to hear. The rest had enough intelligence to get insulted.

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    I don't need approval ratings to debunk the fact that he won by a landslide. 

    In 2016,  he won by one of the *smallest* electoral margins  ever......despite his claims of a landslide.   Every president since Kennedy, at least,  won by a larger margin,  with the exception of Bush, in 2000---which was a virtual dead heat. 

    And Trump sure as hell didn't win in 2020, or else he'd be sitting in the White House right now......or rather,  out on the golf course, as usual, .....but still president. 

    and for the record,  averaged out over the course of his presidency,  he left office with the lowest average approval rating in HISTORY. 

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    but how do you know those  polls are legitimate?

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