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I was pressured into smoking, now embarrassed to go to work.. what do I do ?

Hello so basically I started this job and my coworkers kept asking me to hang out. I kept saying no but I gave in because I am working on being more social... I thought we were just going to eat snacks and watch movies..

But no, they were all smoking weed and turns out my “cousin” was there (I say “cousin” but she is more like distant relative)..  then she said “ oh you came to smoke?” I said nooo? I never smoked before and they didn’t even mention smoking.  Anyway long story short my cousin kept trying to get me to hit the joint and had me do it like 3-4 times. I was really uncomfortable plus they literally had a 3 year old running around in the house while they were getting high. It was awkward, so I had a friend call me saying she needed a ride to work so I could leave :( they kept asking if I was going to come back.. I said yes, I was coming back.. but I never came back. I work with 2 of the girls, not my cousin. So now I am just embarrassed to go back. I texted one of the girls saying I didn’t feel well at all (which was true) because even though I hit only a few times they were still blowing it all in my face. There was multiple joints burning too in a small living room . I know I got peer pressured and I didn’t want to do it :( but I’m scared they’ll be mad at me or something... 

What do I do?


No, this is not a troll question. I am embarrassed that I didn’t stay or atleast tell them I felt awkward and wanted to go home. I struggle with communication, and have a fear of making people mad. I’m so scared that I would much rather avoid it entirely. I did not know they were gonna smoke at all, it wasn’t in the plan. So you have to understand why I was anxious about it.

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    just dont go out with them again

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Is this a blue collar job? If so... literally who cares. 

  • 1 month ago

    This sounds like a troll question a 15 year old would make up. I'm not believing the story. You should go to bed. Isn't it late?

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