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Do you want to laugh at laughably stupid predictions on here from a decade ago?

1. Atlanta: Andre' Woodson- Drafted in the 6th round and never played in the NFL. If you know anything about the NFL, you know a guy like Flacco with his size and arm strength is going to be taken ahead of generic scrub guy with decent college stats. 

2.  Desean Jackson- Not a bad player but if you take a WR this high you want a guy who can be a possession receiver. He was drafted in the 2nd. Maybe middle first is good value. 

 3. Brian Brohm- He was drafted in the 2nd round which is about where his value was. I think he didn't get enough of a shot but Matt Ryan was clearly better and Flacco was clearly going to be picked ahead of him. 

4. Glenn Dorsey- decent player I guess but Alexander hasn't mentioned any of the actual top 4 yet. 

8. Allen Patrick- was drafted in the 7th round. RBs drafted ahead of him include: Jonathan Stewart, Felix Jones, Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles etc. 6'0 198 4.55 is just not a good size/speed ratio. Anyone should be able to see that. He was drafted about where he should have been. 

9. Justin King- was drafted in the 4th round. Only started for one season and never had a pro bowl or even an interception. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Aqib Talib were picked ahead of him and were much better picks. 

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    It just goes to show that football is a very hard sport to predict. You just never know which players are going to exceed expectations, and which players will disappoint. 

    I remember during the fall of 2007 (when the above predictions were made), my sister was heading into her senior year at a private, all-girls high school and had no prior experience playing football, while her neighbor was a star running back heading into his junior year at the local public high school, coming off a sophomore season in 2006 in which he made the all county football team. You would have been crazy to predict that my sister would have beaten out the neighbor for the all county football team in 2007, but that is exactly what happened.

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    Not really, but if you actually posted any predictions, perhaps I could get a chuckle.  Looks like you've just posted random people's draft analysis on some players.  There aren't any predictions here.

    Good call staying anonymous.

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