You ever feel like there are not enough hours in a day ?

I have 24 research projects that I conceived of after 8 months of investigation 

I am trying to write 5 books at the same time

I’ve purchased 700 books that I have not had time to read

I have totally unrealistic fitness goals and I barely have time to exercise 

I also attend 3 zoom groups a day

and I run a teaching blog

And a prayer ministry

And a volunteer reiki ministry

And I do all the dish washing and vacuuming and help in the kitchen when my dad cooks 

And I have two friends I counsel

And I post on social media every day 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Uuuhhh, sorry but you're doing this to yourself. You've taken on way too much to the fault of no one but yourself. I guess have no clue how to manage your time properly or prioritize? 

    If the research projects are for work or school, make sure you keep those high on the list of things to get done first. If they're personal, set aside a couple hours a day and work on them one at a time. Don't write five books at a time. Write one book a couple hours a day or week, and anytime something pops into your head for one of the other books, just make notes and put them in their respective pile. For the 700 books you want to read, set an hour or two before bed time for reading and read one book at a time. For fitness, wake up 3 or 4 times a week at a half decent time. If you wake up normally at 7, get up at 6 instead, for example, and give yourself an hour to workout before your day starts. Not sure what your zoom groups are or how long they last, but consider as to whether or not you can drop one or two of them, or instead cut their time shorter, or schedule them less often. Set aside an hour to post on the teaching blog, or whatever you do on there, and don't get caught up in it. I don't know what you do with the prayer ministry, but do it once a week. Same with the reiki ministry. Dish washing and vacuuming is just normal chore stuff so I guess do those when you're told or have time. Not sure why you're counselling friends, unless you're a professional counselor you could end up doing more harm than good. Unless you mean something else by counselling. If you're just being a shoulder for them to cry on, that's fine. I guess be on call for that, I don't know. Finally, post on social media less because you don't need to be updating your statuses every 20 minutes and everybody doesn't need to know what you're doing at every second of every day. 

    If I had all the proper information available to me, I could literally write you out a daily schedule because you actually have far less here than you think you do, at least from what I can see with the info you've given. I suggest taking a step back, figuring out what is most important to you, prioritize them, and then fit all the less important stuff around that, more or less how I suggested above. Most importantly though, make sure you're actually taking care of yourself. Don't get so caught up in all this other stuff that you for get that you are a living being with actual needs. That should be the number one thing. It also may help you if you buy a big whiteboard to put on your wall and write a schedule out on so that it's always in plain view and you can check to make sure you're keeping on track with things. The things that are the least important, either drop them or do significantly less of them like weekly or every couple days rather than daily. Also, if all this stuff makes you happy then fine, but don't let it consume you to the point where it starts affecting you negatively. If you find yourself running into difficulties, cut back for your own sake. Take breaks and days off. Stay hydrated and fed and healthy. Good luck.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes! I have sworn that if they made the day 29 hours, I could really get stuff handled and get a decent night's sleep! 

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