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How to find the volume of a triangle?

The dimensions are height 3.5 cm, length 20 cm, and width 7.5 cm. Anything helps, thank you!!

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    Consider the solid as a triangular prism.

    The volume V=the area of the base triangle* its height

    Here its height=the width of the solid (7.5 cm).

    Let h cm be the height of the triangle (i.e. the length of the dotted line),

    h=sqr(20^2-3.5^2)=19.69136867 cm

    The area of the base triangle=3.5*19.69136867/2=34.45989517 cm^2

    V=34.45989517*7.5=258.4492138~258.45 cm^3

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    v= 1/2BH*l=(3.5*20/2)*7.5=3.5*1*7.5=262.5cc

  • 1 month ago

    V =1/3BH

    V = 1/3(7.5)(20)(3.5)

    V = 175 cm^3 answer//

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    triangles have area, not volume.  and the dimensions of the triangle is not stated. The width appears to be the width of the rectangle.

    IF that angle is a right angle, then the area = (1/2)(20)(3.5) cm² = 35 cm²

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  • 1 month ago

    The diagram looks like a triangular wedge, not a triangle.  If it was a 3D solid rectangle, the volume would be 3.5 * 20 * 7.5.  Since it is a wedge, the volume is half of that.

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    Volume = base area × 1/3 height.

                 = (3.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 20/3 cm)

                 = 175 cm^3

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    Well, what can I say: first, triangles

    don't have volume, they're 2-dimensional.

    The figure you're showing only part of looks

    like a rectangular prism. Finally, you can't

    see what the dotted line means.

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