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does it almost seem like the Democrats are going out of their way to provoke the anger and rebellion of Trump supporters? why?

i mean how much more outrageous could what they have done get?  today i read that Eric Swallow-well of all people is going to head the the treason trial for Donald Trump. and get this , they are going to maybe have witness testimonies too, just like the Republicans were hoping to do for the ELECTION FRAUD trials. how much more can the democrats rub it into the face of Trump supporters? maybe make Donald Trump wear a orange prison suit at his sentencing?

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    Because Republicans were such d!cks about it when Trump won, always rubbing it in Liberals faces and even came up with flags saying phuck your feelings. Cons were so certain Trump was going to win this time and saying how they could not wait to see Liberal tears. It was so bad it prompted me to say on this very site if Trump loses I am going to phuck with Republicans so hard and I simply kept my word.

  • James
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    1 month ago

    Provoke the the same Trump supporters who Trump turned on after they did not rise up on the day.

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    Not at seems to me , that democrats are the adults in the room,  demanding ANSWERS, over who and what was behind that  DISGRACEFUL,  MURDEROUS assault on the Capitol. 

    They have every right, and every DUTY,  to find out who was behind it, and deal with them in the harshest terms possible. 

    and for those that are found GUILTY........yeah, orange jumpsuits   suit me just fine!   Lock them ALL up. 

    I have no problem locking up murderers and traitors. 

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    Are you serious? After calling Biden a pedophile, accusing his son of financial crimes, and spending a decade or more accusing Hillary Clinton of everything possible, and with your nonstop attacks on AOC, Ilhan Omar, and so many others, you think we're going to sit back and make nice? No, you're not going to sit back either. In fact, your own question is a threat. We don't deal with terrorists and their supporters by kissing their butts. 

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  • Sally
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    1 month ago

    No, Swalwell is not heading it.  Jamie Raskin is.  So right away your post is not factual.  Please learn stuff before posting.

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