My Yamaha Clavinova  CLP-153SG digital piano isn't making sound. ?

After powering the digital keyboard on, the muterelay unlock sound isn't clicking. None of the buttons seem to work either. Nor do the headphones work. Any ideas?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    My first thought, without being able to examine it and do any tests, is that the power supply is failing or one of the internal connections or switchesis tarnished / corroded.

    If it has any mechanical switches, eg. ones that have obviously different on and off positions, try operating each of those a few times (though that is a long shot).

    A switch that never normally gets used can sometimes cause a problem - it's very common on old HiFi amps that have such as a "tape" switch that most people never use. 

    But I think the power supply is the most likely problem.

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