If being gay is a choice, why does it have to be a bad choice?

Why can't it as  good a  choice for some as choosing to be straight is for others. It isn't like there aren't enough people on the planet already.  Everybody doesn't need to contribute to the overpopulation of humans who propagate like rabbits. 

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"Extreme birthrate crisis'   LOL, now that is a myth.  Even if we had zero population growth, we wouldn't have a crisis.  It sounds like something a white supremist would come up with.  You're saying, there are too many blacks and not enough whites being born.  

Update 2:

@Pam... we have gay marriage now, so it is not wrong anymore.  Believe it or not, gays can be monogamous, faithful and not promiscuous.  Gays have been promiscuous because of people who think like you..

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  • 1 month ago

    Because it is not a choice you fn moron.  

  • 1 month ago

    Who said it was a "choice"? I am a cis male, there is no way, no how I could "choose" to be gay, not even for a weekend and not even to "try it out" ....  just not happening!!! How is that a choice?

  • 1 month ago

    It wouldn't be a bad choice.

  • garry
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    is finding some you love and want to spend you life with , wrong ???

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  • Sam
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    1 month ago

    As muich as it is your choice to be ugly.  

    I'm sorry but you were born that way, just accept it. 

    It's the only way I would have sex with a vagina.  It might be interesting. 

  • Craig
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    1 month ago

    Thank you for this enjoyable, refreshing question.  (A note for the impatient reader: I'm no bible-beater.  You need to read TO THE END.)

    Whether or not one chooses one's sexuality is something that many people have their minds made up on, and many consider their view to be a bedrock, die-in-the-ditch conviction...but it's really totally irrelevant.

    Why should any of us consider this issue to be important?  If I chose to be gay, does that make me "wrong" and if I had no choice in the matter does that then make me "right"?  I think you'll find, upon reflection, that whether it was a choice or not does NOT establish righteousness or correctness or acceptability.  It changes nothing, and it doesn't matter.

    It's simply a child's excuse for unfortunate behavior:  the "I couldn't help it" excuse.

    I think most of us here aren't children, so we don't need to die-in-the-ditch over this.  Especially since the main objection to minority sexualities is the religious one ("God doesn't like it - it's a sin"), and it WILL apply whether sexuality was a choice or not!

    The real question this "choice issue" has obscured for decades is simply whether sexual minority members must consider themselves culpable or may consider themselves as potentially righteous as any other person.  The answer to that question is a two-parter:

    1) The Ibrahimic faiths will condemn sexual minorities PRIMA FACIE, regardless of whether their sexuality was a choice or not.  They aren't swayed by the "I couldn't help it" excuse.  These are all faiths that share absolutist views like "unbaptized babies go to hell", so whether you chose or didn't makes NO difference to them.  It's pointless to consider your conviction that sexuality is fixed before birth to be of any particular importance in preserving your claim to righteousness.  In the face of religious condemnation, you need something MORE.

    2) And here it is:  What others consider you to be is ONE thing (and largely beyond your influence), but what YOU consider yourself to be is ENTIRELY up to YOU.  You can (and SHOULD) learn NOT to depend on input from others for that (ESPECIALLY not from religiously-intolerant people).  AND concomitantly you shouldn't waste your time trying to build arguments or defenses against other people's irrational objections to your perception of yourself.  THAT is unhealthy - and THAT is why, when we allow ourselves to get drawn into making a fuss over the "choice issue", we are making a MISTAKE.

    I recommend that each of us conclude that our respective sexual tastes have NOTHING to do with whether we're GOOD people or BAD people.  They don't change our nature, and they are no good reason to set us apart from anyone else on the planet.  In fact, they don't.  And the fact that certain bigots want to believe that they DO should not require us to build arguments of ANY sort to bolster the foregoing truth that they DON'T.  The truth is self-evident - religious yammering notwithstanding.

    I personally believe that sexuality is fixed before birth, but I don't argue the point anymore.  I don't need that argument resolved (or even asserted) in my favor in order to be a righteous human being.  And, as a righteous human being, I don't need the surrender of the Ibrahimists, either.  They can believe anything they want to believe.  All I have to do is consistently beat them at the ballot box, (and the "I couldn't help it" excuse isn't going to help me do THAT, either).

    So, being gay (as you asked) is simply a matter like being tall or short, handsome or homely, gregarious or shy, tow-headed or raven.  It isn't inherently bad or good - these are just value judgments that certain OTHER PEOPLE want to force upon everybody else, and it's up to US whether or not to accept what they're insisting upon.  THAT FACT makes whether or not someone either CHOOSES, or is BORN-THAT-WAY, totally irrelevant and UNIMPORTANT.

    Therefore, we are free to say "If it WERE a choice, it could bloody well be a good one".  

  • 1 month ago

    Because God create Adam and Eve and blessed the union of man and woman. That is the way He created things.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    All those who refuse a homosexual relationship are religious because their religion refuses this relationship, but there are non-religious people who refuse homosexuality because they have become annoying, they force their lifestyle on everyone, this is no longer freedom, not even rights, but rather an infringement on the rights of others when you force your lifestyle on them, I am gay and i frimly refuse these disgusting behavior. I call them radical gays, by doing so, you are creating your enemies, STOP THIS SH1T

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Its not a choice.

  • 1 month ago

    We have no choice is selecting our sexuality... Or our gender... 

    Think about when you decided to be straight and what were the options...

    We also have no say on our skin color.   Or our nationality...

    Aside from religious nutery,  being gay is socially acceptable today...   

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