How is the gene theory different from the gene mutation theory? Please help

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  • 1 month ago

    FYI. Mutation theory: new species are formed from the sudden and unexpected emergence of alterations in their defining traits. Later, mutation theory joined two seemingly opposed traditions of evolutionary thought. Mutationists, accepted the primary contention of saltationist theory, which argued that new species are produced rapidly through discontinuous transformations. Saltationist theory contradicted Darwinism, which held that species evolved through the gradual accumulation of variation over vast epochs.Mutationists tended to hold the strict Darwinian line that all differentiation is for the good of the species, which differed from the saltationist idea that some organismic variations are inherently undesirable. The second argument was premised on the belief that more variation provided better opportunities for adaptation to a variable environment. The dovetailing of seemingly antithetical traditions made mutation theory one of the vanguard movements in early 20th-century evolutionary and genetic theory.

  • Gene Theory is just the passing down of traits from parents to offspring, while Gene Mutation Theory includes various mutations to the genes, thus affecting the traits passed down. 

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