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What "science" do Democrats use to determin the closing times for bars & restaurants during the covid pandemic?

Even when Democrats graciously allow bars & restaurants to open, they are required to close at certain time, e.g. 9:00pm. Is covid more contagious after 9:00 pm?

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    Democrats are idiots. Their heads work on polarity shifts. Notice sometimes it's ok to wear a mask amd not social distance? But then pretend like you're still ok when you do?

    It's like having multiple sex partners and only sometimes using condoms.

  • The science that says that the staff still need time to clean and disinfect the whole place and don't want to have to be there all damn night, because some patrons are jerks who forget that they are not robots and are in fact human beings who, like everyone else, would like to be able to go home after work at a reasonable hour and get some rest.

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