Am I being catfished by a ghost?

He wants me to love him, to admire his looks, so when I start swooning he gets all like “but you can’t have me like that”, “I’m not that guy now”.. it’s like WHAT??? Then WHY do you want me to love what you were as a human??? I THOUGHT that’s why you came to me!!!! Cause I fell in love with THAT guy!!!

I can’t see him!! I can hear him clear as a bell.. but I can’t see him!!I’d say he is hiding something, and may be someone else?? But then the way he is so attached to his human self when he was here, I’m thinking I’ve he’s GOT to be him.

I’m tired of playing detective with this sh*t.. 😞


If I don’t swoon, he gets upset and feels I don’t love him! Believe me, I get pissed of with him for weeks at a time, I can’t look at him cause I get hurt.. he says “watch my show” and then when I feel him again in that way, he backs off like that saying “you can’t have me in that way”!

He tells me to “get over him”, then turns around and says he loves me and I’m his wife..

I’m not sure why he wants me to be his emotional yo-yo!

I can blow him off and say it’s all ****, but then he takes care

Update 2:

Of me when I’m feeling sick, or have tooth issues, he tells me the exact pressure point to touch and the pain subsides! He comforts me.. but then at any given moment he insults me and I’m in tears!!! I don’t know what to think, or feel!

Update 3:

I’m not sure he is over things with his ex ladies either!!

I can’t see his world, he’s not letting me in it either.. 

Update 4:

He’s not thrilled I’m writing this either.. but I mean.. what the HELL?? Who could deal with this, or get it???!!!??

Update 5:

It’s possible he is keeping a barrier so I will not want to die to be with him.. but it’s really hard to know what to make of it all..

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    Maybe you could love him and admire his looks  in a more temperate fashion without all that swooning since he seems to find it annoying.  Affection does not have to be a melodrama. 

  • 1 month ago

    Still, rattling about your invisible pal there spirit type person? Are you still surprised nobody can believe you? As I told another person a few days ago, put a mask on each of the 7 dwarfs and it is still easy to spot dopey you sad person. Get out more and meet living people.

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