A wound, initially with area 80cm^2, heals according to A(t)=80(10^(-0.023t)) where A(t) is the area of the wound in cm^2 after t days of ?

t days of healing. In how many days will 75% of the wound be healed?

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  • Vaman
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    1 month ago
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    A(0) at t=0 is 80

    A(t) at t = 75/100*80=60

    We have 60= 80*10^(-0.023 t). Take base 10 log

    1.778=1.90 -0.023 t

    0.023 t=1.90-1.778, t=0.122/0.023 =5.3 days.

    a=80*(10^(-0.023*5.3))~ 60.4

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