what does job mean in chaper 38:22,23?

which I have kept back for the time of distress for the day of fight and war?  So does that mean he will use snow and hail in the battle or Armageddon?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    No man has escorted either light or darkness to its home or has entered the storehouses of snow and hail that God keeps back for “the day of fight and war.” (Job 38:19-23) When Jehovah used hail against his foes at Gibeon, “there were more who died from the hailstones than those whom the sons of Israel killed with the sword.” (Joshua 10:11) He may use hailstones of undisclosed size to destroy wicked humans led by Gog, or Satan.​—Ezekiel 38:18, 22.

    Egg-size hailstones killed 25 people and injured 200 others in central Henan Province, China, in July 2002. Regarding a hailstorm in 1545, Italian sculptor Benvenuto Cellini wrote: “We were one day distant from Lyons . . . when the heavens began to thunder with sharp rattling claps. 

    Source(s): Wonders of Creation Exalt Jehovah - https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2005843#h=11:0...
  • 1 month ago

    No, you idiot. You have no clue how to read in context. Go away.

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