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How to deal with a stressful job that you love? ?

My job was always busy, and I love being busy! There is nothing worse than being bored the day goes by slowly and you don’t feel good about yourself. For a while it was comfortable, only having to do a few hours overtime a week to get everything done. The last two months has been hectic. To the point where I have to do at least 2.5 hours overtime each day and still am not caught up on what I need to do. My manager is aware how busy it is but we cannot change it. I love the job but hate that I can’t catch up on the work that needs to be done when I say me I mean the team we are all the same. I think about it everyday and night. I can’t switch off it’s affecting my life. How do I switch off? How do I not care? 

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    You say, "I think about it everyday and night" - I think this is important. If you worry about the job throughout your waking hours you're on the road to burnout. What you have to do is put the job out of your head for a certain number of hours every day. 

    One of the best things for stress is to develop good breathing habits. It's very simple, although you might find it a bit hard to develop good habits.

    A really simple but effective thing - the habit of responding to moments of stress by slowing your breath. The evidence showing that slow breathing is a fast and effective method of calming down is enormous. It's used in treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Soldiers say that they are able to calm down immediately in dangerous situations by simply slowing down their breathing.

    Controlled breathing is one of the traditional Asian mind-body methods. I'll give you some info about mindfulness.

    Other things take some effort but they're very rewarding - things that make your life meaningful, like a good hobby, art, or volunteer work. Take care of your mental and physical health with the right lifestyle choices. 

    This has lots of useful information, about two psychiatrists who recommend a program of mind-body methods with attention to breathing and the lifestyle program for stress and depression developed at the Univ of Kansas.

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