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Atheists what would you say if Christian say we do what we do in love?

Like if your house was on fire I won't be nice when I break into your house screamingΒ 

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    dON'T WORRY about what they do...someday they will find out we told the truth all along.

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    So, you bomb abortion clinics out of love for the people who die and get burned?Β  You teach your children to distrust science and education so that they can be poor in our increasingly knowledge based economy...out of love?Β  You promote a book that LITERALLY calls for my death as a heretic ... out of love?

    I put it to you, sir or madam, that you don't know what the word 'love' means.

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    There's no love involved, just ego.Β  You pretend it's love because that suits your ego

  • Terrible analogy. A better one would be if someone were to randomly run up on my property and start screaming about a gas leak, then refuse to go away when I tell them there's no gas line under my house.

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    Why would you break into a burning house screaming? If my house is on fire, the last thing I am going to think of is the religion or lack of it of the people trying to put the fire out.

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